Get involved in a global community of enthusiasts

Sneakerness brings together shoe fanatics who celebrate their passion. A unique mix of the world’s leading brands and shops offer more than a just a glimpse into the culture of sneakers. Discover exclusive prototypes, bargain for rare samples or get inspired by amazing vintage designs. Trade for childhood memories, meet your first true love again and see that one fantasy of a shoe you’ve been chasing down all these years materialize in front of your eyes… Or just drop by to see what the fuss is all about. And maybe you’ll realize rather sooner than later: You might have been a sneakerhead yourself all the time.

Our Community

Sneakerness brings together what belongs together

Sneakerness is a get-together for a diverse group of people from different communities – but they all share the same passion. Out of this very passion Sneakerness was born: Friends gathering to mount a platform for those that can’t get enough of sneakers and the culture that comes with them. A culture as broad and diverse as it gets: It connects private sellers and brands, athletes and artists, musicians and designers, dancers and DJs, chefs and entertainers. Living in the networked age we realize that these people and their talents are linked – and all it takes to make something bigger out of their individual scenes is a chance to bring all of them together. This is the vision we have believed in from day one – and we still do today.

Private tables

Kicks you didn’t expect to actually exist

Sneakerness offers tables to private collectors and individual sellers who have things to offer that they themselves would look for. Here’s your chance to find the rarity you’ve been chasing down for ages, to finally add the sneaker that was out of stock everywhere else to your collection. Together with the biggest sneakerheads of your city we guarantee, that what you find stacked on those tables is the real deal and at times fresh out the box. Discuss and talk shop, make a good bargain if you’re lucky enough, check out the craziest customizations or just feel your jaw drop when you see the prices for some of the treasures that people brought along to show off.

Brands & Shops

The flyest sneakers and goods of tomorrow

Sneakerness provides a perfect point of access to today’s sneaker market and the trends of tomorrow. The world’s leading brands present their upcoming sneaker collections, special editions and rarities just before they hit the market. Get an insight about what’s hot, how trends are changing and which brand comes up with a new pair of kicks that everybody will talk about tomorrow. Whether it’s the new shop in town with a fresh collection of brands or your trusted local sneaker dealer – if they know what’s what, they are most probably here.

Arts, Sports & Culture

Much more than just a shoe

Today, it’s a statement to wear a particular pair of sneakers, and even more so if they are prominently stored on eye level on your shelf. Beyond all practical aspects, sneakers have become cult through their designs, shapes and materials. Ever since Run DMC stepped on stage in their Adidas they have shaped youth culture globally. Sneakerness is committed to this artistic tradition and not only brings together all sorts of sneakerheads, but also the artists, musicians and designers who are inspired by this culture. Add sports events like the street soccer tournament and you get the a unique, holistic Sneakerness-experience that is for everybody.


Sneakerness is about you!

Our inspiration stems from people like you – people with a passion for sneakers ever since their feet stuck in a pair. Without all the sneakerheads from around the globe, there wouldn’t be a need to bring them together. We’re looking forward to welcoming you at one of our events in a city nearby. No need to dress to impress –but make sure to put on a fancy pair. Welcome to Sneakerness.