Crep Protect meets Nike Mag


Today is the day we were all wating for: The Nike Mag from the Back to the Future COULD be released and the whole scene is stunned! Our partner Crep Protect got their own way to deal with the hype. 

All you need is a fresh pair of Nike Mags, a Delorean, some Crep Protect spray and a one bottle of ketchup. Just place the shoes on the car, put some Crepe Protect on the upper, give zero fucks and pour some ketchup on the whole shoe. No need to cry, thanks to Crep the shoe stays clean.

But enough of the ketchup talk! Nearly every sneakerhead is sitting in front of his mobile device, laptop or tablet. Prepared to put one of the most famous sneaker in their basket or to be disappointed for the whole day. Although there wasn´t any press release everybody is  99,9% sure they will release today. In the movie Marty travelled through the time to the 21st october, 2015 – that´s the only clue we got.

Not it´s up to you! Do you think you can get a pair today? Will there be any release at all? How much could be retail? Just leave us a comment what you think.