The Mandem Safe: Interview with Joe Fitzgerald

The Mandem Safe is a clever solution for turning an ordinary shoe box into a proper stash for your valuables. We talked Joe Fitzgerald, one of the founders of The Mandem Safe to find out why you shouldn’t hide your money in a regular shoe box.

How did you come up with the idea to create a safe disguised as a shoe box – it sounds like there’s an interesting backstory?

We grew up listening to rappers always talking about keeping their “racks” in their Nike box. One of the most famous lyrics would have to be Jay-Z’s opening verse on “Roc Boys”

Thanks to the duffle bag, the brown paper bag, the Nike shoebox for holding all this cash

That’s a cool way to stash your loot but we thought it would be safer if more than just cardboard separated your cash from your friendly neighbourhood burglar.

How does it work?

Our safe has been expertly engineered to fit perfectly inside your Nike shoebox using the holes in the box lid to access our locks.

How would you explain “mandem” to someone unfamiliar with British slang?


Mandem is a mate or a group of guys. Simple.

A group of females or just one girl – Galdem.

Safe = Cool

When and where can one get a hold of a Mandem Safe?

We release these in small batches to keep a close eye on quality. Our first batch of 100 dropped just before Christmas. We sold out in two hours. Another 100 are due in late January. Anyone at Sneakerness Düsseldorf will have the unique opportunity to see our product before they buy.

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The Mandem Safe will be on display at Sneakerness x StreetstyleCon on 28 – 29 February.