Special 3 Questions, 3 Answers – 5th Anniversary of Sneakerness

Sneakerness asked good friends and staff, who have been a part of it since day one, three questions.

Here you go with Reto, the Head of Production, from Sneakerness.

What means Sneakerness to you?
Sneakerness literally became a part of me. It started out as a nice hobby besides some other stuff I’m doing in the event business. I started years ago helping Sergio out at certain conventions. Then I became Head of Production, which was a great step for me. I can combine two of my absolute favorite things: Sneakers and events, more specifically the production of them. When we look at the Sneakerness now, I’m just happy what each and every one of us achieved in the last years. Zurich, Amsterdam, Vienna, Cologne, Warsaw and Munich, sounds pretty damn cool, right? We all made it happen and that’s why I’m very proud to be part of this team!

Looking back, what was the most memorable Moment at Sneakerness?
Hmmm, that’s a hard one to answer, because there were so many special moments. If I have to pick one of the most memorable it might be the recently held Sneakerness in Warsaw (our premier). To pull off such an event with an unclear ending is very risky and brave. Thanks to the good team around Robert Serek (Dziękuję to Serek and his guys!) we did very well. It was just unbelievably nice to see, how the Polish people reacted to the event and showed some real Sneakerlove!

Best purchase at a Sneakerness?
I always say to myself “No purchases this time at the Sneakerness”. But I never stick to it. At about every convention I bought sneakers. One of the nicest pair to me is the HTM Flyknit Chukka, which I got for a little bit more than retail from Overkill (Special thanks to Marc, appreciate it!)

Name: Reto Nussbaum
Nickname: Kanone aka Kanoninsiki
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Location: Bern
Occupation: Event / Production / Booking Industry
Favorite sneaker: Changes all the time. Right now I really like the Nike Flyknits, especially the Chukkas. And the NB x Norse Projects Danish Weather Pack, excellent quality!
Hobbies: too many to mention them all