Interview with Majestic Sole


Many sneakerheads know how heartbreaking it is when the midsole of you most beloved sneakers start to crack and crumble. Luckily there are a few restorers out there capable of bringing those shoes back to life. We talked to Majestic Sole, one of the best restorers in the game about his work.

Hi Mr. Majestic Sole! First of all we have to know: where did you get your soleswap machines?

The machines I use are from Flexam. As far as I know I’m the only one in Europe using this method. I’ve seen others using self-made shoetrees and adhesive clamps.

What inspired you to restore old shoes?

I first came up with the idea when I saw an Air Max 1 Hybrid that was released in very small quantities in 1992. I had some worn Air Max 90s and I bought a red Air Max 1 OG from 2009 and I started disassembling both sneakers to make my own hybrid custom.

I love the pairs that are from before 2009 because of the good materials and shape but some of my beloved pairs were falling apart from age. I talked to a lot of people that had crumbling midsoles on their sneakers. I wore the first pair I made for a year so I’m quite sure that the method and the adhesive used were correct. I received a lot of question on how I did this and I wanted to help. So I started Majestic Sole in 2015 and people don’t have to throw away their old sneakers anymore.


Was there ever a pair you couldn’t save?

Yes, of course! They were pairs that were almost ready for the trash so I replied to the customer that I could not salvage his sneakers. Sometimes I need to tell them it’s near to impossible, but some customers still want me to restore them because they have an emotional connection with them. That is the beauty of sole swapping – you can wear the sneakers you love the most again.

Do you only restore Air Max or any other models?

I already restored other pairs that weren’t Air Max 1 or Air Max 90. I have done Jordan and Puma but I would love to work on more brands. I like the challenge of trying something new so if customers come to me with other brands I could do something I haven’t done before. I’m always looking for improvements.


Do you think cobblers will also start repairing sneakers? Actually, it’s weird they haven’t begun yet, right?

I’m pretty sure that more people are going to try the same now. The real problem is getting the replacement midsoles. I now have to tell customers that they need to send two pairs before I can help them with a restoration. I hope I can sort something out with Nike or other sneaker brands to get new midsoles or outsoles in the near future.
You´ve just opened your own store even though many sneaker stores have closed lately?
That’s correct, many stores that sell shoes have closed. Cobblers are getting less and less work. That’s why I decided to work on sneakers.

Which projects can we expect from you and your store in the future?

That depends on what my customers want, I always like to do something innovative or new. It’s great because a lot of customers have a clear idea on what kind of sneakers they want so they come to me to make their idea happen. Sometimes my customers surprise me with their ideas though.