3 Questions, 3 Answers – Erik Morrenhof


Sneakerness asked sneakerheads and influencers from around the globe three questions.

We talked to Erik Morrenhof from Calico Jack.

How did you get into sneakers?

It started around the early ‘00s, me being a youngster and trying to look different than the rest of my friends. I wanted a special pair of shoes. On a blog I found a pair of early PUMA ‘List’ shoes I liked and after searching long and hard I eventually found them in Hong Kong. The searching long and hard for sneakers never stopped after that.

When did you know you were hooked?

You know you’re hooked when the people close to you tell you you’re hooked. And when you’re free time consists of reading sneaker blogs, being active on various forums and scouring eBay for steals… I guess that says something as well.

I always liked the interaction with fellow ‘addicts’. Whether it was online on a forum: shout out to Lacebag (RIP), or spending the night in front of a store or visiting various conventions; the interaction was always the best part. So starting my own store kind of ties into that. Apart from selling clothing, which has arguably gained a much more prominent role in the scene and the sneakers I love, we’re also a spot where you can drop by and talk about whatever; reminiscing on years gone by or the latest Ronnie Fieg release.

Which sneaker do you think should make a comeback?

Definitely the 1994 Nike Air Max 2 Light in the Glass Blue colourway. Of course I’m in the market for a vintage pair (US8) but I think Nike is on the right track with the retros which have been coming out recently, especially the upped quality on the Jordan retros. Give me an Air Max 2 Light in Jordan quality and Nike’s got my business (again).