3 Questions, 3 Answers – David from IVII – Creative of the Sneakerness Poster Exhibition

Sneakerness asked the creatives of the Posters 3 questions.

Here you go with David from IVII!

When did Art become a part of your life, how have you been influenced?
Ever since I was very young, I have been interested in artistic forms stemming from graphic design and illustration, probably due of the influence of cartoons from all over the world. From American production such as Hanna-Barbera, Tex Avery, Warner Bros or even Walt Disney, from Japanese studios such as Ghibli or Toei Doga, and even smaller French or Italian producers, these images helped model the way I saw the world as a child.

Your relation to sneakers?
Sneakers became a passion around the end of the 90’s. Like a lot of others, it is at the beginning of my teenage years that I became obsessed with name brands. Movies. sports, video games, advertising: this ingenious cocktail has intoxicated me up until now.
It is only at the end of the 90’s that I began to collect sneakers. I was lucky enough to put together a nice little collection between 1999 and 2010… For 3 years now, I no longer collect them: I rock them. Indeed my relationship to the object has changed, probably through knowledge and acquired experience, but also because of the new wave of sneaker heads that have been changing things these last couple years… for better or for worst? Time will tell.
I find that sneakers are an object that tells the story of our time, especially the last 20 years. Movement, speed, performance and energy meet obsolescence, temporality, dated “quality” materials… a sports shoe and not a loafer meant to last.

What’s the meaning behind your illustration/picture/painting?
The idea is relatively simple. I was inspired by the patents Nike made for the conception of their sports shoes. I then interpreted that in a typographic way using the font that Nike has been using since the 1990’s for its visual identity. The concept was then to imagine a font that was a tribute to the Jordan soles. Respectively, the 26 letters of the latin alphabet are the 23 first Jordan models with 3 bonus ones to complete the series. The result is a strong symbol, just like the lead letters used to mark paper, these soles mark the surfaces on which we tread. Actually, only letter A (Jordan One sole) exists… I need time or the be “assisted”;)

Name: David Berguglia
Nickname: Dave, IVII, plexusexcavatum…
Zodiac Sign: Balance
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Occupation: Graphic Designer (AD)
Favorite artist: Piet Mondrian
Favorite sneaker: Nike Air Flight Lite II
Hobbies: Working for my friends…

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