Sneakerness asked some sneaker heads and influencers from all over the world 3 questions.

Here you go with Antonio, Executive Producer and Event Director of Sole Slam Manila in the Philippines.


Why did you started collecting sneakers?
Ever since I was a kid (I’m a kid of the ’80s so I grew up watching MJ grow to being the living legend that he is now), I’ve always been fascinated with sneakers, most notably basketball sneakers. But being a kid, you were limited to what your parents can buy you, so I only had 1 pair to use for both leisure and sports per year. My family was well off, but I was not given any special privilege by my folks, so I had to earn every pair I got, which made me appreciate everything that I receive every time I cop a new pair. I was envious of my classmates in school back then, because they had the latest pairs of Jordans or Pennys during PE time. That was one of my motivations, to study hard and achieve my goals. So I always told myself as a kid that when I started to make my own money, I would buy all the sneakers that I want. I started making money during my college years when I began selling computers for small businesses. I started off with 7 pairs of sneakers, which became 15 pairs right after my graduation from college. Then I had a steady rotation of 50 pairs of sneakers (most of them were for running and cross training, I had 8 basketball sneakers as a rotation) for 8 years (’03-’11). It really became crazy when I rediscovered my passion in collecting Jordans last April 2011. The rest was history.

First sneaker you can remember being your favorite?
Definitely the Jordan 7’s. My first pair of Jordans were the OG Fire Red 5’s but I really fell in love with the Jordan 7’s, most notably the Raptors 7. I both played in them and rocked them as a kid. So it was inevitable that I get the same pair when I started collecting sneakers. Back then, Jordans were available in stores 2-3 months after they were released, in full size run. They even reached outlets almost every single time!

Which sneaker do you think is overhyped?
Well, to me, an overhyped sneaker is something that is generally released (GR) to the public (meaning they’re not limited or QS, or more than a thousand pairs were released locally), but is at least tripled in value. Again, in the sneaker game, the basic law of supply and demand always applies to sneakers. Too many want the same pair, but only as much to be supplied. I can name a few sneakers out there in the market which are/were GR and were just overly hyped by celebrities. Sneakers that reached the outlet stores but gained value after a few months time after they were gone. It really just depends on what you want, so I always advice a beginner to just buy what they want to wear,  not what the next person wants too, and which pair represents you once you see them. We hype our own sneakers by the value we put in them, so the value of a pair is always with the owner, not the viewer.