Elektrownia Powisle

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Hub-like, culturally rich, beyond comparison to us.

If you want to discover Eastern Europe, you mustn’t miss Warsaw. The Polish capital is a hub—not only economically and politically, but also culturally. Just think of Warsaw’s richness when it comes to history, fashion, fine arts, architecture, and obviously sneakers, too. So it’s no surprise, that Warsaw sometimes is nicknamed Paris of the East—although, we are sure that Warsaw can’t be compared to any other city really…

Anyway, we are thrilled to be contributing to Warsaw’s rich cultural landscape with our annual convention once again. But before you think “same procedure as every year,” be sure to encounter a fresh Sneakerness with many international brands, extraordinary sneaker stores, and the best informed private sellers and collectors from all over Europe.

P.S. this year’s edition not only marks the sixth anniversary of Sneakerness Warsaw, but the convention actually hits the exact date of our tenth birthday (on September 29 and 30). So, be prepared to celebrate with us!


Weekend PLN 15.– incl. Afterparty / Priority PLN 40.–

Weekend PLN 20.– incl. Afterparty / SUN PLN 15.–


SAT 12:00 – 18:00
SUN 12:00 – 18:00


Elektrownia Powisle
Elektryczna 2
00-001 Warszawa, Poland
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Watch out! Our friends from Crep Protect will present some of the rarest kicks on the market and provide you some free cleaning services.

Partners all days


French artist #Tyrsamisu is responsible for this years artwork. We do not want to give away anymore. Come to their booth and let yourself be surprised. And yes if you are friendly to the staff you might get a free invitation for the after party.


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