Sixxa Store at Sneakerness Vienna 2013

Austrian clothing for cool cats!

sixxa is a streetwear brand for girls’ clothing, and actually started in 2004 as a side project with handprinted shirts. And a main part of the design was Kathi Macheiner’s character-driven world. Step by step she started to work with some friends on more stuff, to develope clothing that fits all active demands. 2007 was the year to move on, the company was founded.

sixxa is more than a clothing… label. It’s Kathi’s personal playground, and she likes others to join in. That’s why sixxa is always trying to widen the network and collaborates with other designers, brands and artists.

In 2008 we opened a store in Kirchengasse, relocating up the road in 2009 –with a nice selection of streetwear, designer vinyl toys, books, magazines, accessories and more!

sixxa store vienna:
Kirchengasse 22, 1070 Wien
Mo-Fr: 11h – 19h
Sa: 11h – 18h
+43 1 522 65 37

Visit their homepage HERE and make sure you’ll visit the sixxa store booth at Sneakerness Vienna 2013