Radlager at Sneakerness Vienna 2013

They sell vintage Italian Race bikes, modern steel bikes and the finest Italian Coffee. If you have any questions about their bikes or other product, please feel free to contact the Radlager Crew.

They are suckers for racing bikes. Their passion for racing bikes is that enormous that they can only stand to sell bikes that structurally survive for at least a century. That’s why steel is the only option for them.

So they sell steel bikes. Of the most beautiful stripe. Lovingly refurbished by Buster Bengt. The bikes are old, yet are like new.

Apart from that they sell coffee. Why the heck coffee? Well, because one wants to drink something delicious when one slobbers over a pretty Rossin. Because italian bikes are best served with italian coffee. Because they somehow managed to brew the best coffee in town and they simply cannot stop doing that.

Check the Radlager website HERE and visit them at Sneakerness Vienna 2013