This New Balance x Sneaker Freaker Magazine “Skippy” is owned by Wilee.

This collaboration between Sneaker Freaker and New Balance was much anticipated after their last foray into the world of distinctive collabs, the Puma Shark infested Blaze of Glory. The model selected was the New Balance 850 a lightweight 90’s runner with a lovely profile and loads of panelling. Sneaker Freaker made several structural changes, most notably some relatively minor additions but to maximum effect. A bit of extra memory foam around the collar, as well as beefing up the padding in the tongue makes these sneakers stand slightly taller and add a bit of much needed bulk to a sparse frame.

A textured upper and complex colourway incorporates many aspects of the two worlds of Oz and New Balance colliding. A tan toe-bar of Kangaroo leather gives way to a mesh toe-box, a small acknowledgement of NB’s place at the forefront of road running sneaker technology. Black suede panelling and a neon yellow lining mirrors the New Balance logo of black suede set in yellow accents. Note the white blocks that pave the way to the all white sole with sharp yellow and black accents on the mid sole. Good job Sneaker Freaker, the NB 850 have never looked so good (via Sneakerpedia).