Sneaker Freaker Top 10 Air Max of All Time


Is Nike’s Air Max the most legendary sneaker series of all time? Tinker Hatfield’s eureka moment of stripping back the midsole so you could peer in at Nike’s air cushioning technology debuted on the Air Max 1 in 1987, and has been the bubbly bed for dozens of releases in the 27 years since. Hundreds of colourways and colabs have developed their own folklore and are chased by obsessed collectors all around the globe. They’re fanatics at Sneaker Freaker too, they even dedicated a whole issue to documenting the history of the Air Max range, tackling the icons as well as some of the oddities and rare pairs. As you can imagine, they’ve got their own favourite models, and they love to share their current top ten Max loves with you. Click HERE to see the complete Top 10.SNKRNSS_random_sf_top_ten_am_time_pic_140326_2