Prime at Sneakerness Cologne 2016


Dutch sneaker consignment store Prime is bringing their services to Sneakerness Cologne. Visitors will be able to leave their shoes at the Prime booth, where they will be put up for sale for the duration of the event.

Here’s what you have to do:
1. Bring your sneaker(s) you want to sell
2. A fee of €4,50 per pair applies (NO REFUNDS)
3. Determine the selling price of your sneaker(s). The Prime team will gladly help you
4. Your sneakers will be put up for sale at the Prime booth
5. When your sneaker(s) is sold, Prime will contact you by phone and you can pick up your money.
6. Prime reserves the right to refuse any items.
7. Brought in sneaker(s) can stay at the booth for the duration event but need to be picked up before 18:00 at 30 October 2016.