Recap “infinity issue” magazine – news for originals girls

Last week adidas Originals launched the second issue of news for original girls magazine during the Berlin Fashion Week. Marie Nasemann and MC Fitti celebrated with around 900 selected medias, bloggers and friends of the adidas-family, themed with “unite all originals” in Kreuzberg. The “infinity issue” magazine is already the second print-issue of the digitale news-channels of adidas Originals. The “15-Years-Gonz”-exhibition in the Galerie Quarkatz in Kreuzberg honored the artist and Kult-Skater Mark Gonzalez during three days in a homage of different well-known photographers.

Chief editor Palina Rojinski delivered hot news about fashion, music and art. The magazine dedicates itself to exciting topics of infinity, endless love and not want to quit to enjoy life.

Here some impressions of the adidas Originals infinity magazine launch:

Here the online-issue of the magazine: