Special 3 Questions, 3 Answers – 5th Anniversary of Sneakerness

Sneakerness asked good friends and staff, who have been a part of it since day one, three questions.

Here you go with Lukas, the Creative Director, of Sneakerness.

What means Sneakerness to you?
Sneakerness has different meanings to me.
First of all, it’s like a family. The people behind Sneakerness mean a lot to me and we shared unforgettable moments together. But there is also the other side, the hard working part of Sneakerness. There were a lot of changes going on in the last years and because of the success we needed to adapt our structures. These changes within the company were very exciting, almost as much as the preparing of the convention.

Looking back, what was the most memorable Moment at Sneakerness?
Certainly the birth of Sneakerness was one of the best moments ever. Until this day, I still remember how we got together during lunchtime and worked on our concept for this fancy future sneaker event we planed to do. At this time, we had no idea, if there would be a need for such an event at all…
A few months later, seeing hundreds of people queuing at the entrance for the first event, we knew immediately our concept got potential. This was an awesome feeling!

Best purchase at a Sneakerness?
The funny thing is, I quite rarely buy my shoes at the Sneakerness. During the convention the success seems more important to me than my personal needs.
But if I had to pick a good purchase, it’s probably the Roshe Run iguana green, black swoosh and white sole. I just love this model!

Name: Lukas Wanner
Nickname: –
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Location: Zurich
Occupation: Designer
Favorite sneaker: Actually it’s the „Nike Air Max 180 OG“
Hobbies: Travelling, Sports, Art