Special 3 Questions, 3 Answers – 5th Anniversary of Sneakerness

Sneakerness asked good friends and staff, who have been a part of it since day one, three questions.

Here you go with Nik!

What means Sneakerness to you?
5 years of fun, great sneakers, love, awesome people, new experiences, traveling, hard work, sweat & tears! This is our baby!

Looking back, what was the most memorable Moment at Sneakerness?
Opening the doors for the first time on the 27th September & having 300-400 people standing in line.  

Best purchase at a Sneakerness?
Air Jordan III Retro White/Dark Mocha (2001) in perfect condition

Name: Nik Otis
Nickname: LeAtis
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Location: Bern
Occupation: Head of fashion
Favorite sneaker: Air Jordan IV Retro + in all 3 CWs
Hobbies: Looking good