Special 3 Questions, 3 Answers – 5th Anniversary of Sneakerness

Pic by brunokarl.ch

Sneakerness asked good friends and staff, who have been a part of it since day one, three questions.

Here you go with Pasquale Scaleazy!

What means Sneakerness to you?
Being around the founders of Sneakerness for a long time already (before things got started back in 2008) I was able to witness the birth of this beautiful baby, the teething process, the first baby steps and everything that comes along when raising a child. You get nothing for granted and that’s something the founders have truly understood. My friends were able to create one of the most important lifestyle events in Europe (if not in the whole world) using their insatiability to create something not seen before, to offer a platform for sneaker lovers like they are and to change things. Therefore, I always associate the convention with love, friendship, dedication and hard work. And I’d consider myself a very proud godfather, proud of the child and of course of the parents.

Looking back, what was the most memorable moment at Sneakerness?
That’s a tough question since I was able to attempt almost every single sneakerness convention so far. Given the fact that I have to take a pick for this interview, I’d generally go with the very first Sneakerness back in September 2008. It was held in my hometown Berne, Switzerland. That’s the city where the founders come from and where we will celebrate the 5th birthday in a couple of days. I remember walking into the venue that day and crossing the line of people who were waiting to get in. That was insane man nobody knew what to expect. And we even had Kool Bob Love as a special guest, imagine that! Goosebumps!

Best purchase at a Sneakerness?
Well, I can’t literally consider this one a purchase but I got to go with the 112 Lebron 8’s Clark Kent gave to me as a gift after the first convention in Amsterdam. We rock the same size (US13), so it was all good. I was very thankful!

Name: Pasquale Scaleazy
Nickname: Scal aka Prosciutto Papi aka Screwz aka The Thrilla in Barilla aka 1/3 of PxLxE
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Location: Berne, Switzerland
Occupation: Riding round, getting it
Favorite Sneaker: Air Jordan III Black Cement
Hobbies: Friends & Family, Music, Basketball, Juventus FC, Movies, Hot Chicks