Special 3 Questions, 3 Answers – 5th Anniversary of Sneakerness

Sneakerness asked good friends and staff, who have been a part of it since day one, three questions.

Here you go with Dimmy, Country Manager Netherlands.

What means Sneakerness to you?
True Passion & Love for Sneakers, the meeting point of generations with the same desire to find that one pair just for them. A event of a very special kind, a platform that became not only a place to hunt for shoes but that brings together people who share the same interests in fashion, art, music and most of all sneakers. Something I am proud of to be part of. It’s been a long way since I organized the first edition in Amsterdam 3 years ago and I could have no better team to do so. I am happy to have met new friends who started something unique 5 years ago. They sacrificed a lot and I know that the visitors & fans appreciate to have Sneakerness in their life

Looking back, what was the most memorable Moment at Sneakerness?
I think it is a combination of many things. When Sergio, Nik & me first met almost 4 years ago, after Edson (Patta) connected us, they explained that they would love to have a Sneakerness Amsterdam edition. I was down right away, so it was pretty simple and I said ok let’s do it. Then came the search of a location and many more steps to let this wish become a reality. The project was no project anymore and became a part of me, something I believe the city needed. Once the whole Sneakekerness team saw pictures of the chosen location, we could already imagine it. I remember Sergio saying: Let’s go… So it was on. Months of preparation gone by fast, then came the building process and no sleep before opening day. Once I saw that many people outside standing in line waiting for our doors to open , all with that look on their face, ready to hunt, true sneaker fanastics, footwear lovers, predators of all ages and gender. You name it. That was the moment, I knew this will be a day to remember. The very first event was full of joy, good people, fresh kicks, good food & music. Even most oft he time, the whole team had to run around all day, we still found time to talk to people and have a good time. Looking back, I realize every step torward the next Sneakerness edition is worth it. I salute the Sneakerness family ! 5 Years Sneakerness, lets go for 10 and beyond…

Best purchase at a Sneakerness?
Well, I always have to find time to hunt myself at Sneakerness, or I try to convince myself I don’t need more, but I think last time I picked up a few Air Safari’s & Jordan III which were in mint or let’s say solid condition, so was the price hahaha.

Name: Dimmy Littlejohn
Nickname: Die Mannschaft aka Shaft
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Location: Amsterdam
Occupation: Projectmanager / Sales Representative / Booker
Favorite sneaker: Can’t tell, the year has many days, but Jordan III is in top 5
Hobbies: Basketball, DJ, Have Dinner with Friends & Family