3 Questions, 3 Answers – Willy Iffland


Sneakerness asked some sneakerheads and influencers from all over the world 3 questions.

We talked to German blogger Willy Iffland from Dressed Like Machines.

Why did you start collecting sneakers?

I have a brother, who always used to wear Jordans. He only had three pairs because we didn’t have a lot of money but it got me so hooked that I started collecting myself four years ago. But I have a few more than three now!

First sneaker you remember being your favourite?

Before I knew anything about sneakers it was actually the Air Jordan 20 “Laser”. I don’t know why but back then I thought it was the shit – now it’s just ugly to me!

Which sneaker do you think is overhyped?

You could say that all limited releases are overhyped, because most of the time they are no better than the general releases. I think the hype is too crazy, because you can’t even just go into a store and easily cop a shoe anymore. A friend of mine told me the other day that he bought a pair of Patta Air Max 1 with ease at The Good Will Out one Saturday morning. The good old days, although sometimes I do see myself as a hypebeast so I can’t even complain. All in all the Yeezys (even though I own them all) are too hyped. Great shoe but the unreal appreciation is not worth price.