3 Questions, 3 Answers – Sanki King

Sneakerness asked some sneaker heads and influencers from all over the world 3 questions.

Here you go with Sanki King, a sneaker customizer from Pakistan!

Why did you started collecting sneakers?
I just love how a good sneaker tells a story and make you stand out of the crowd. Your choice of sneakers shows the people Who You Are, you know what I mean?

I got introduced to the hip hop culture in the early 2000s and I fell in love with Nike Air Force 1’s, then Jordans and Vans. As I went deeper in hip hop I noticed how important it is to have a good collection of shoes and then I started to wear sneakers according to my mood. Now I’m 22 and I stopped wearing sandals and flip flops years ago. I’m always looking for a fresh pair of sneakers or to customize a pair for myself. My favorites are the Converse All Stars „Chucks“, they’re so comfortable and there is something about them that they literally become a part of your feet, you feel like you’re walking barefoot on a carpet. Last December I bought myself a pair of wheat gold Timberlands for the very first time and we are getting along very well too :-).

First sneaker you can remember being your favorite?
A pair of brown Vans which are my all time favorites! I wore this pair for 5 years. Sometimes I felt like this pair understood how I wanted to walk :-). Well in my language i.e Urdu, Sanki does mean Mad/Crazy.

Which sneaker do you think is overhyped?
I never liked Supra Skytops at all! Not even a single pair! They’re maybe good for young kids but they’re nothing for me. Too feminine :-)
AF1’s forever baby!!

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Haters hate, Sanki paints!