3 Questions, 3 Answers – Kamil Tomaszewski


Sneakerness asked some sneakerheads and influencers from around the globe 3 questions.

We talked to Kamil Tomaszewski from Run Colors.

How did you get into sneakers?

It was about 2009. It was the time when I was playing volleyball and since all players had to wear the same uniforms, sneakers were the only way to express my individuality – I wanted to have the most outstanding and high-tech shoes on the court. So I started reading some sneaker-related web sites to be up to date with all the news. I didn’t limit myself only to Polish sites, in the blink of an eye I was a member of numerous English and American forums, where my thirst for knowledge could be satisfied. I really miss sneakerplay, where I found lots of great pairs and cool people.

When did you know you were hooked?

It’s hard to say because many friends told me “you are addicted”, “what do you do with all of these shoes, you only have two feet?” but I always say “I can show you guys the real kings among sneaker collectors”. I like numbers and when I want to counted my collection I knew I was hooked when I had 50 pairs. Now I have many more. I’m a manager at one of the biggest sneaker stores in Poland – Run Colors and I’m surrounded by lots of shoes everyday. At the beginning of my adventure with shoes I always had to wait in front of a shop for a whole day for a new release, now it’s easier, the Polish sneaker community is going strong and there are more and more good releases available in my country.

Which sneaker do you think should make a comeback?

The Nike Wmns Air Max Plus “Rainbow” from 1999 and of course the Nike Wmns Air Storm Beacon, the red one. I have been looking for them for many years but they are Wmns size run and it’s really hard to find them in my size and wearable too! I hope someday my dreams come true and I can get my hands on these great sneakers!