3 Questions, 3 Answers – Francisco a.k.a El Zapatillaz Tio

Sneakerness asked some sneakerheads and influencers from all over the world 3 questions.

Here you go with Francisco a.k.a El Zapatillaz Tio from Zurich, Switzerland

Why did you started collecting sneakers?
Well I think it all started with a friend of mine back in the 90s. He always had the freshest sneakers on his feets. One day I was hanging out in his living room watching at his collection and this was the moment I said to myself: I want to start collecting kicks.
I used to rock my sneakers to death, it doesn’t matter how careful I was , after a good hiphop party they always came out looking like ……. yeah you know what I mean:-) But I still keep them in memory…..R.I.P!!!

First sneaker you can remember being your favorite?
I was 13 years old and a big Jordan fan. I used to play basketball all day,  like a psycho. Then one day in Spain I was in the biggest sneaker shop in La Coruña, where I found the Air Jordan 6 „Maroon“. I couldn’t get my eye’s of it. I was immediately in love with these shoes. Back in Zurich I was so proud to show my new sneakers on the court, but after 1 hour playing I wrecked the toe box. Since then I’m still waiting for a retro to come out… Maybe this year I will fall in love again :-)

Which sneaker do you think is overhyped?
Seriously it’s getting extrem nowadays and I don’t want to start talking about resellers, these putos are making me sick. If you buy a shoe, wear it, rock it but only buying a shoe to sell it again for the double or triple of the price, get da f#*k out of here… and ohhh yes the nummero uno overhyped sneaker is the Air Yezzy.

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