3 Questions, 3 Answers – Florian and Marc from urbanpeople.com

Sneakerness asked some sneakerheads and influencers from all over the world 3 questions.

Here you go with Florian and Marc from urbanpeople.com

Why did you started collecting sneakers?

Florian: I don’t like to title myself as collector. For sure, I got a lot of sneakers and I’m addicted to them. But I wear them all, never camped in front of a shop and never paid more than the retail price. I’m not sure when that all started, but I guess it was when we began to sell them in our shop. I like them too much to not buy them for myself too.

Marc: It’s the flavour of a new pair of sneakers, opening a box and smelling all that . . . it’s a hell of a drug! It just begun once and nowadays it’s passion and unfortunately also an addiction.

First sneaker you can remember being your favorite?

Florian: When I was a child, it was necessary to have a starter jacket, a starter snapback and travel fox on your feet. I got them in many different colours. Unfortunately Travel Fox is not any more on the market. I’m still hunting for them. If anyone got one of this classic suede models from the 90is in US 11 or US 11.5 for sale, please hit me up!

Marc: When i used to breakdance in the late 80ies i was really addicted to Puma States und Adidas Campus but my real first love was an Air Jordan 1 in the mid 90ies. I still have them but they look and smell like shit!

Which sneaker do you think is overhyped?

Florian: I just love to wear sneakers. They made for the streets, not for resell on ebay or to have a museum at home. So in my eyes, a lot of them are overhyped, in generally everything that is more expensive then the retail price. A lot of kids are hunting just for QS and TZ, but in my eyes, a lot of General Releases could be an instant classic too.

Marc: I mostly agree with Florian’s opinion but i have to mention such a shit release like the spectre from supra, what an ugly piece of . . . don’t want to say sneaker anymore! And the worst of it, you can get them at Colette!?