3 Questions, 3 Answers – Blank – Creative of the Sneakerness Poster Exhibition

Sneakerness asked the creatives of the Posters 3 questions.

Here you go with Nina Pusch & Nina Gottlieb of Blank – bureau for visual and other concepts

When did Art become a part of your lifes, how have you been influenced?
Blank: As art is a part of life anyway, maybe it was more the desire to be a part of the production process.

Your relation to sneakers?
Blank – Nina Gottlieb: I used to work as a footwear designer for adidas original specialized on colors and materials. After a while you start seeing people from the angle of their footwear.  Mad conditioning.
Blank – Nina Pusch: It´s a solid relation. Sometimes more and sometimes less in love.

What’s the meaning behind your illustrations/pictures/paintings?
Blank: Together we founded Blank, our bureau for visual and other concepts. For the design of our two posters we worked as a team as well – even exchanging our photoshop files at some point. We started with the concept that was just based on the footprint copy of a sneaker outsole. During the working progress we prescinded more and more from “sneakers” just using certain reminiscent elements. Our posters are actually like shoes´ fingerprints. They are performing solely with associations relating on fashion, lifestyle and zeitgeist.

Name: Blank – bureau for visual and other concepts
Nickname: Nina Gottlieb, Nina Pusch
Zodiac Sign: capricorn (Nina Gottlieb), gemini (Nina Pusch)
Location: Nuremberg, Germany
Occupation: Design, Concepts, Creation
Favorite artist: Matthew Barney, Sophie Calle, Max Bill, Steven Emmanuel and others
Hobbies: Vivian Void

Visit their website HERE.