Sneakerness asked some sneaker heads and influencers from all over the world the same 3 questions.

Here you go with Aruna from Hip Hop Huis Netherlands and also member of The Fly Force a Dutch allround female hip hop crew.

Why did you started collecting sneakers?
My love for sneakers started when i was a kid as I was always into sports and monkey business. When I was in high school i realised the older guys noticed my sneakers, especcially the ones Igot from my neighbour, who brought them for me from an American army base in Germany.

First sneaker you can remember being your favorite?
I’ve always had a crush on the Nike Cortez as it takes me back to the early days of HipHop. Actually, all sneakers captured in a Martha Cooper picture could be my favourite.

Which sneaker do you think is overhyped?
Recently I havent been wearing my Jordans much. In the Netherlands lots of girls decide in the morning wether to wear their Jordans or their Uggs. That tells me enough. I’ll start wearing mine in a few years from now, when nobody believes in Jordans anymore. (and Uggs for that matter..)